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Photoshop lesson 1 myanmar – photoshop lesson 1 myanmar.Adobe Photoshop Lesson One

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Photoshop Basic Myanmar lesson 1 – Photoshop Fan


So let’s take a look at how to think about this class and then we’ll jump into photo shop and get started. So by the end of this class, my goal is to have you learned to become confident in to actually start enjoying Photoshopped, not just going through steps that you might read online but actually knowing what you’re doing in feeling confident.

Then I want you to understand more deeply the most important feature. So instead of again just following steps, you actually know what the steps do and therefore you’re not stuck following Cem prearranged steps that you might follow.

Instead, you come up with your own techniques because he actually know how things work. And then I want you to be able to transform dull and ordinary looking images into ones that you can really be proud of that look great and also be able to combine multiple images together into a single photo shop file to create a composite that is better than any of the individual images you started with.

And of course, we’ll ge So you can tackle jobs just like a pro would. So who is the class really designed for? Well, there’s a wide range of photo shop users, and I tried to make it so. Beginners that want an in depth introduction to photo shop would really enjoy the class. And one of things that would be good about that is that we don’t stay at a beginner level. Instead, you can advance in the intermediate and in some cases, even advanced techniques.

As long as you’ve got a good foundation to start with, then you could be ready to get into those mawr intermediate advanced techniques. Self taught photo shop users usually have a very limited range of knowledge with Photoshopped. And so I want to be able to fill in the gaps in your knowledge if you’re self taught. So you know how to be much more efficient at what you’re doing and really just learn how to be better then longtime photo shop users.

The problem is, Adobe comes out with new features and photo shop all the time, and sometimes those new features air hidden in ways that are not easy discover on your own.

Sometimes you need to hold down a special keyboard, Charcot or goto, a menu that you’re not used to exploring in order to find them well, if you’re in advanced in a long time, user, you’ll learn about a lot of those new features now without, though there will be some things that beginners will. It’ll be too much for them, and that’s on purpose. And that’s so at the beginning of a session, it’ll be great for beginner.

But by the time a session is over, when we’re ways through the class, you’ll have a reason to come back in rewatch the class. Because if all I did was keep it at a beginner level, then that’s all we got. I want you to truly become proficient at using photo shop, and therefore I’ll have some things that you want to come back and review the class for, to take it on a second look. Ah, but then average users might just want to refresh her.

Make sure that you’re doing things efficiently because most the time you learn, like just the way that connected with you first is faras. Techniques go, but there’s usually ways that are much more efficient where you can become faster at photo shop. And so if you’re an average user, you’ve been using photo shop for a while.

You go through this class. I think you’re gonna find how to be much faster what you do. Then, if you want to learn more, I suggest you get on Facebook. If you remember Facebook, go to the Web address listed on the bottom of my screen. Right now it’s facebook dot com, ford slash groups Ford slash Ben Wilmore, and you’ll find a special Facebook group that is for this class.

And that’s where if you have questions about what we cover in class, you can post their in all, monitor the class, and I’ll end up putting comments in, but also other people that are watching The class might pop in and help us well, because they might have a different perspective than I do.

And so be sure to join that group now. There’s already a bunch of people in that group because we used it with previous creative life classes, so it’ll be really nice because you get a lot of feedback.

I am an avid reader of photoshop books, and an avid watcher of photoshop tutorials. I have attended internet several hundred of presentations.

In the course of this endeavor, I have found my own favorite photoshop websites and instructors. Creative Live is probably the bargain out there as well as among the top three internet course sites.

I have to say with great enthusiasm that the best Photoshop instructor is Ben Willmore. There are many great ones, but truly, he is the best I have come across, and, as indicated above, I have watched literally s of tutorials on Photoshop.

I have seen all of Ben’s courses, I think, and among them, this one is the best by far, and that is saying a lot, because that makes this course the best course on Photoshop to be found anywhere. I am going back and watching it twice. Not only is it comprehensive, but Ben is so familiar with his subject that he is able to explain it like no other. I have been wanting to write this review for some time because I have been so thoroughly impressed with everything about this class!

Highly recommended if you want to take your Photoshop skills to the next level. Ben Willmore is clear, concise, and professional. He also has a good speaking voice that is not distracting but also keeps you engaged. Lastly, I would recommend that as you become more advanced, increasing the speed of the video one of the options given on the menu The double speed is very efficient as you become more advanced in Photoshop.

Thanks for the help Ben! I cannot communicate the value of this course!! The true value in this course is how the instructor identifies workflows you’ll need before you’ll ever realize it, repeats important information without it becoming annoying, and explains the „why” behind the techniques so well that even if you forget the exact method, you can figure it out via the principles learned.

Excellent value, excellent material, excellent instructor!!! Skip to main content. Buy Class. Sale Ends Soon! Save Class.

Lesson Info 1. Introduction To Adobe Photoshop. Lessons Class Trailer. Show All Lessons. Lesson Info Introduction To Adobe Photoshop So let’s take a look at how to think about this class and then we’ll jump into photo shop and get started. Lessons 13 – 18 – Handbook 3: Making Selections. Lessons 19 – 24 – Handbook 4: Using Layers. Lessons 25 – 30 – Handbook 5: Using Layer Masks. Lessons 31 – 38 – Handbook 6: Using Adjustment Layers. Lessons 39 – 44 – Handbook 7: Color Theory.

Lessons 45 – 51 – Handbook 8: Retouching Essentials. Lessons 52 – 59 – Handbook 9: Tools Panel. Lessons 60 – 64 – Handbook Layer Blending Modes.

Lessons 65 – 70 – Handbook How to Use Filters. Lessons 71 – 74 – Handbook Advanced Masks. Lessons 75 – 81 – Handbook Using Smart Objects. Lessons 82 – 86 – Handbook Photography for Photoshop. Lessons 87 – 93 – Handbook Advanced Photo Retouching.

Lessons 94 – 98 – Handbook Warp, Blend, Liquify. Lessons 99 – – Handbook Advanced Layers. Lessons – – Handbook Actions. Lessons – – Handbook Troubleshooting Issues. Practice Images 1: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop. Practice Images 3: Making Selections.

Practice Images 4: Using Layers. Practice Images 5: Using Layer Masks. Practice Images 6: Using Adjustment Layers. Practice Images 7: Color Theory. Practice Images 8: Retouching Essentials. Practice Images 9: Tools Panel. Practice Images Layer Blending Modes. Practice Images How to Use Filters. Practice Images Advanced Masks. Practice Images Using Smart Objects. Practice Images Photography for Photoshop.

Practice Images Advanced Photo Retouching. Practice Images Warp, Blend, Liquify. Practice Images Advanced Layers. Practice Images Actions. Practice Images Troubleshooting Issues.


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Photoshop Basic Myanmar lesson 1 ဘေးနားကအနီရောင် #Subscriberဆိုတဲ့နေရာလေးကိုနှိပ်ပေးထားပါနော်. Photoshop Basic Lesson 1 – Interface Introduction | Myanmar *****. Adobe Photoshop အခြေခံကို အသေးစိတ်လေ့လာချင်သူများ.