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Straight vertical or horizontal lines smartly move with your click to help you accurately align text. It also allows you to change or rearrange page order by simply dragging and dropping within a document or from one document to another. Create new document by dividing one document into multiple documents, or combining multiple pages from different PDFs and rearrange them in one compact PDF.

A robust batch converter lets you complete multiple conversion tasks in one time. Add your customized signature to sign contracts in a few clicks. Form Filler Typing on the form fields or ticking radio buttons and check boxes is as natural and quick as writing on a sheet of paper form. Learn more. Designed specifically for Windows 10 users, this PDF reader free software loads extremely fast and opens almost all documents within seconds.

The program is laden with features, which allow for easy viewing and printing of PDF documents. While many applications are capable of opening PDFs, this one does the job by remaining light on system resources.

To open the saved copy, you will either have to install a program or visit a website like Microsoft Edge to view the contents of the file. However, if you download PDF reader, you can easily view files on your PC provided it has a Windows 10 operating system. Therefore, when you open or view a document with a. The reason why avoiding Metro UI transition is essential is that when opening PDFs, the tool hardly consumes system resources.

This tool is also one of the very few PDF viewer tools that always remain light on the system. When you go for the PDF reader download, the setup takes place in a matter of minutes and creates a shortcut on the desktop. You can either click on the icon and open files from inside the software or run it directly from your favorite browser. The PDF software free download for Windows 10 comes with a built-in design, which lets you open PDFs directly instead of first saving them on your computer.

The only requirement is that you turn PDF Reader into your default viewer after completing the setup. In some cases, you may need to install an additional plugin to open a PDF in your browser.

A thing that jumps out when you open PDF Reader is its display. The interface of the app is quite dated, but it does remind one of simpler times. It has two top panels, one with opening, printing, and similar options, and the other containing different tools that make accessing the information on documents more accessible. Users can get a better look at small segments , images, and charts by zooming in or out, rotating the page clockwise or anti-clockwise, or switching to full-screen.

You can find these tools on the secondary-panel of the free PDF reader for Windows Additionally most applications will ofer a free trial, so you can top of the page. Managing your downloads When you are apps are downloading you will briely see a progress bar — where the Free or Paid icon appeared — with the option to pause the download, restart or use the x icon to delete.

To access these options see your apps. After the web page loads you can then use the top left icons to move forwards and backwards through pages or use the Refresh icon — which looks like a circle with an arrow through it — to reload the page.

Even so you may not appreciate this process, but thankfully the Edge browser can help with this by allowing you to tap into what it calls an InPrivate window. This will then open up a new browser window, which will enable you 3 Customise!

From the drop to search or enter websites as you did before. The problem here is that you could be distracted from the article by adverts or possibly ind it diicult to read especially if you are short of site if the choice of font size or style is not easy on the eye. Basically if you browse to an article on the web, once the page loads you will notice a book icon at the top right part of the interface.

From here, look for the Reading section, which will allow you to adjust the background of the Reading View and more 1 Access the Hub From the importantly the Font size. To quit out of the Reading View you just top of the browser select the re-click the book icon at the top. Hub icon. Add to Favourites and Reading list At the top of each webpage you visit you will notice a Star icon. You can now access favourites.

Foremost this will allow basic functions Advanced Settings. The latter allows you to search for words on the current page. Additionally you can open the page in Microsoft Edge, which may be useful for developers wishing to see what their site is like in the original browser. Make a Web Note One of the most exciting features of Edge is the ability to create Web Notes and save them locally or share with others; thus instead 3 Find Article text Head back to the main browser window and Share a Web Note locate an article with text.

Share icon. Basically when you access the dedicated Web Note icon at the top of the interface it actually freezes what you were looking at and from here you can annotate the page using a mouse or inger and a series of tools Fig 4. The Tools are accessible from the top left part of the screen and you can click on the irst tool to choose a Pen and colour combination Fig 4 A Web Note offers a means to before dragging a line from one point to say a speciic header of an annotate a web page using a series of intuitive tools article to showcase its importance.

Likewise you can use a highlighter tool to highlight a speciic sentence or paragraph on a page or add text notes via the Typed Note tool icon. Once the Web Note is inished you can either save this locally to your OneNote app or your Reading list that we spoke of before.

Additionally you can share the Web Note with others. From here toggle Cortana to on and when and services on your device prompted input your name, Brett for instance. Once this is done select Next to inish. Now select the Search bar again and choose the Notebook icon and click on Settings. Checking your microphone level Teach your voice By default Cortana is set to recognise any voice, but you can train it to recognise your own voice for more accuracy. You then need to speak several preset sentences to train Cortana to recognise your voice.

It also gives you a heads up as to what questions you can ask Cortana. Clicking on these option headers will allow you to tailor how Cortana utilises the information it collects or how it presents the cards in the Home view.

If you click on News you can scroll to the base and choose what topics and categories you want Cortana to track. Likewise click on Weather and you can set multiple cities that you want Cortana to display. This will provide occasional pop-ups of what it can do. The latter alert will also lag up if a person calls your Windows 10 phone. Alerts will appear at the bottom right corner of the desktop, you can then action these by Snoozing or Completing them.

A contact could include an email address, phone number Edit existing contacts and place of work. However you can also import contacts from third Update existing contacts with new info and profile image party apps and services such as iCloud, Google or Exchange. Import contacts You can also import contacts from other accounts ie. Thankfully you Link contacts can easily edit, remove or create your own contacts.

Whichever option you choose the resulting interface is the same Fig 2. Thus if you add a Phone number you can choose what type, Work or Mobile. Just click the Save icon at the top right to inish. Manipulating Contacts If your contacts list starts to grow you can still ind people quickly if you select the larger 1 Select contact letter above the contacts name From the app select the contact sorted by irst name by default.

This will then allow you to jump to any other letter by simply clicking on it. Alternatively you can use the Search ield box at the top and directly type in the contact name. Importing from other apps 2 Link icon While the Microsoft account takes precedence, if you already have Now click on the link icon and contacts setup in other applications, such as Google or iCloud you choose Select a contact to link.

Once the contacts are added you can then use the editing techniques we 3 Search or select contact spoke of earlier to adjust them to taste.

If the contact has address info you can select this to view the details on the Maps app 4 Link the contact Now you can use the back button to view the contact. Any emails you have already had the Mail app sent to that account will automatically be added to the Mail app for Sync your contacts Access contact information from the you to start sending and receiving emails from Fig 1.

People app Keep a tidy inbox Mark spam, favourite emails and flag Composing emails important messages The Mail app syncs itself with all of your contacts from your email Format your emails Change font and colour and add lists account and the People app so you can quickly send emails via the Create folders app. As such, when you start composing a new email and typing Build folders to segregate your emails into in the names of the recipients, if they are stored in your People Make a custom signature Add a personalised message to appear at app then the emaili l addresses will instantly appear for selection the bottom of all your emails as you start typing Fig 2.

Add a new account Email settings In the Mail app, click on the cog icon in the lower- left corner to access your settings. Click on Accounts and select a setup account to view available options.

Click Options in the to reveal your active accounts. You can also change the font colour and relevant email provider. Simply select the text you want to format and add the appropriate formatting tool. The third category of tools in the lower tool bar provides advanced formatting options. Here you can add bulleted and numbered lists 3 Account sign-in You will be to your text and insert emoticons. With a body of text selected, click prompted to sign into your on the link icon to add a hyper link to your email; insert the web email account.

From the formatting toolbar, click Options to access a handy spell- checker for your email 4 Your account You can access your accounts in the column to the left of the screen.

If you have a large number of emails that you want removed from your inbox but they are spread out throughout it, try using the search tool — it can be found at the top of your inbox.

From these, select all of the emails that you want removed from your inbox. Once you have made your choice, click the bin icon in the bottom-right corner of the app. Once the emails have been removed from your inbox, they can still Fig 3 Emails are not permanently be found within the bin folder.

Another way to tidy your inbox is to mark unwanted emails as junk, sending them to the Junk 1 Go to Settings Click on the folder and instructing Mail to automatically do the same for any small cog icon in the lower-left similar emails. Organise your mail There are several organisational tools available in the Mail app. To start with, open your Mail app settings. Click on Options and then you will be able to activate Swipe actions and then determine what those actions are.

Just from the list of options, select click on the drop down menu to select a function from the list. Sign in to launch the app. Click on the search icon. If you are searching for with them someone who is not yet in your contacts list, click Search Skype.

Create a group Add multiple participants to one Skype will search for all users relevant to your search term Fig 2. Searching for an email address or username will make a contact easier to ind. Type a message to send along with your contact request, then click Send. You can also save phone numbers to Skype. Right-click the click Save Number in the bottom- right corner of the app.

Input a number and a country code, then click Save. The number will be added to your contacts list. Making video calls Top up credit To add credit to your account, click on your proile image in the top-right corner. In the sidebar, click Account. You will be prompted to open the 1 Video calling Click on a Internet Explorer app, which will contact, then click the camera take you to skype. Sign in icon below their name. Click Add Skype Credit. Select an amount out of the available choices, then click Continue.

Select and input a payment method, then click Pay Now. Below their photo, click the 2 Calling options During a call, Call button to make a call. You calling options. By adding a participant you will be taken to your contact list, where you can select someone to include.

When sending a ile to a user, you can browse through your iles and folders via the Skype app to select the ile you want to upload. Click Send Via to send the message to their needed for a call. Skype account or to their phone. Right-click a contact and then click View Proile to view their details in the People app 4 Video and audio Click on the camera or mic icon to hide your video or mute your audio. Click File at the top and select Create new documents Create documents by selecting an New on the left.

To start with a clean page, click the Blank attractive template document thumbnail Fig 1. Now just start typing your letter, Format the text Change the text style, font, colour and more report, CV, book or whatever you want.

Insert an image Learn how to insert images into a document Choose a template Apply image effects Enhance images and wrap body text Although you can create any type of document starting with a around them blank sheet, you can save time and efort by using a template. A template contains text and sometimes images too.

These are just to show you where elements on the page are placed. Templates are so good that many people rarely use anything else and there a large number are available to suit a wide range of publications.

Just search for them. Format text Format with styles Word provides many shortcuts to creating great documents and one of these is styles. Click the Home tab if it is not currently visible and in the Style 1 Select text Click and drag over section you can click on Normal, text and the format tool bar Heading 1, Title and other styles appears. Click a button. Whatever text is selected is formatted with the font, colour, size, line spacing and other attributes that are deined in the style.

It saves you having to manually format text. Expand the styles Only a few styles are initially shown in the ribbon. To view them all, click the Home tab, then the bottom arrow at the right side of 2 Choose a font Some of the the styles. When a template is selected for a document, it contains items have drop-down menus, its own collection of styles.

This is so that no matter where in the such as font selection. Diferent templates use diferent styles. Using the formatting tools in the Home tab of the ribbon. As shown in the step-by-step guide, you can modify a style and change the font, size, colour and so on.

This enables you to save the modiied style under a new name. You can then 3 Use special effects Select the select this custom style in the palette whenever you need to apply Home tab in the ribbon to find it in the document.

It saves time and efort and ensures that your interesting special effects. Examples include names and telephone numbers, products and prices, to-do lists with dates and completion status, and so on. The rows and columns of a table enable you to position text and numbers on the page, too.

So you could create an invoice, for example, and have products and services on the left and prices on the right. All the prices in the right column would line up under one another, which would be diicult using any other method, such as by adding spaces on a line. To insert a table into a document, irst move the cursor to the Fig 3 Drag the mouse over the boxes in the ribbon to select the table size place you want it.

Click it and a in the ribbon can be ribbon? It may be hidden. This menu or palette of opened in a window. There is a grid of boxes and as the mouse is moved over them, the table appears in the document.

Click the mouse when the table is the size you need Fig 3. Click in a table 1 Align the text Use the four cell and enter the text, then tab to the next cell. Pressing Tab in the buttons in the Paragraph part of last cell adds a new row to the table. A simple example of this is to put a page number at the foot of each page, or the title of the document at the top. Without page numbers, you would not know which order the pages were in.

Click either Header or Footer as more or less dense. Click in the placeholder text to a paragraph to highlight it, or one you want. This makes it useful for a wide range of projects, such as 1 Change the picture Right-click an image in the template and newsletters, posters, cards and brochures. Some of the templates then select Change Picture.

The idea is that you replace them with your own. The tutorial shows how this is achieved and it is a very easy task. If you are creating your own document or if you want to add more images to a template, there is an Illustrations section on the Insert tab of the ribbon bar. The Pictures button is used to select a photo or image ile that is on the disk drive, and the Online Pictures button enables you to search Microsoft Oice clip art, Bing or your 2 Select the source Files can be inserted from the disk, but there pictures in OneDrive.

Enhance images Word has some powerful features that enable you to format and enhance images that are in the text of documents. Normally you would need to use a separate photo editor to perform the sorts of tasks that Word can do on the page.

An example of this is resizing and rotating images. At each corner is a small box — a handle — and clicking and dragging them makes the image bigger or smaller. At the top centre of the image is a round arrow and clicking and dragging this left or right rotates the image and it enables them to be placed at an angle on the page.

Double-click an image in the document and the Picture Tools on Fig 4 Click the Crop icon and a rectangular the Format ribbon tab are displayed. The Picture Efects are excellent and include bevel, glow, relection, soft edges and many more efects. Within each of these are numerous variations. In the Adjust section you can correct the brightness and contrast, apply colour ilters to the image, or use special efects such as photocopy, light screen, chalk sketch, paint strokes and so on.

Images can be cropped to shapes, too Fig 4. Click this show alternative words; above document into another language Grammar button, this panel button and check the spelling is the dictionary button to show if needed.

It is for editing. Format cells Apply fonts and sizes, colours and borders. Enter cell data Use a template Enter text and numeric data into spread- sheet cells. Spreadsheets are used by companies to analyse data relating to Use functions their business, but they are also useful for home users — for example, Use AutoSum and build your own functions.

Insert charts Turn numeric data into easy-to-read charts. An Excel ile is called a workbook and it contains one or more Protect workbooks worksheets, so you could track your spending for each year in Add password protection and other security features.

Matching workbooks are shown as thumbnails and clicking one shows a larger image and ile details. Click Create to open the workbook.

Advanced formatting Enter data Click any cell in the sheet and you can enter text or numbers. Excel can usually tell what has been entered, but to avoid confusion, use the correct cell 1 Set currency Many templates format option. This is needed use dollars. Select the cells and for telephone numbers, set it to pounds via Accounting.

Numbers are right-aligned and text is left-aligned, but the Alignment section of the Home tab has buttons to left, centre or right align the contents of a cell. Format cells On the Home tab of the ribbon are lots of controls for formatting cells and in the Font section you can select the font and the size of 2 Apply styles Click and drag the cell contents.

It has no efect on the calculations performed, but over some cells, then choose a it can help to make a spreadsheet containing lots of numbers and cell style in the ribbon. Choose a large font for the title and make it bold by clicking the B icon.

Click the paint bucket icon or the arrow next to it to select a background colour; click the font colour icon and so on. Colour the headings placed in columns or rows and highlight important cells, such as totals or the result of calculations. This draws the eye towards them. The spreadsheet grid shows where the cells are, but it often helps 3 Format tables Select some to draw a heavier line around certain cells to highlight or separate cells, click Format As Table and them.

Click the arrow next to the border icon in the Font section of select one of the styles. Click the top-left corner of the spreadsheet in order to apply formatting to all cells 4 Hide pennies Use the buttons in the Number tab to alter the number of decimal places. Right-click the status bar that runs along the bottom of the window and a large menu is displayed Fig 3. The important functions are in the bottom half of this menu and you should tick Average, Count, Numerical Count, Minimum, Maximum and Sum.

Once you have done this, click in the spreadsheet to select a cell and drag down a column of numbers or money, or drag along a row of numeric data.

The status bar now shows all those functions Fig 3 Choose what information to show at the bottom of the Excel window that you enabled. For example, you can see the sum of the Sheet tabs Formula bar Ribbon tabs Extra features Switch sheets by clicking Click a cell to select it Explore the ribbon tabs. Some sections of the the tabs; right-click them and then click in the On the View tab, for ribbon have a tiny button to delete or rename them, formula bar to enter text, example, you can hide the in the corner.

This feature enables you to quickly analyse part or all of the spreadsheet without even writing a single function. Just 1 Select a function Select a cell point, click and drag over cells. Drag the control to zoom in or out. Use AutoSum One of the most common uses for Excel is to ind the sum of a column of numbers and this achieved with AutoSum. Click below the last cell in a column of numbers or money and click the sum button E in the Editing section of the Home tab. Press function requires numbers.

Click Enter to accept it. Click the arrow next to the AutoSum button to and drag over the cells to sum. More complex functions are entered by selecting them on the Formulas tab and entering cell references like A1, B3 and so on. It displays information about the workbook and it enables you to 1 Select the data Click and drag over the cells and titles that you modify settings.

For example, on the right is Properties and you can want to chart. Tags and categories can be set and these could be used to organise workbooks or to search for them using Explorer.

The Versions section is useful and if you make a mess of a spreadsheet, you can return to a previous version of the ile and undo any recent changes. Excel automatically saves a workbook as a new version every so often and these are all listed. The Protect Workbook button displays useful functions that enable you to lock 2 Choose a chart Select the Insert tab and click the arrow a inished workbook so that it cannot be changed, such as by other next to a chart type.

Pick one. You can also encrypt the ile and add a password to prevent other people from opening it. Insert a chart A spreadsheet full of numbers is diicult to understand and it is often hard to see what all the igures mean in simple terms. Although certain parts like totals and balances can be highlighted 3 Move and re-size Drag the chart to position it and drag the Change a chart handles to change the size.

Change Chart Type. A simple example is your monthly bills, which are easily added to a spreadsheet to track your spending. A chart can make a huge diference and you can see at a glance which bills are the highest, and the proportion each bill contributes to the total.

Fig 4 Select the Design tab in the ribbon Excel is able to create charts from inancial igures or any type and choose a style for the chart of numeric data and there is a wide range to choose from Fig 4.

There are the familiar pie and bar charts, but also specialised ones such as radar, doughnut, scatter and others.

A great feature of Excel is that it can suggest the type of chart that is best for the data in your spreadsheet and then with a couple of clicks of the mouse, it can create it and insert it for you. There is very little work involved and often the resulting chart just needs to be dragged into position and re-sized. Add illustrations See recommendations Get chart info Add text Click Illustrations in the Insert tab After selecting some cells, click Mouse over a chart to see info You can add text boxes, such to add photos, shapes, online art here to see which types of chart about the data.

Businesses present products and services Use transitions to customers, teachers present course materials, and families show Add special effects when moving from one slide to the next slides of loved ones on anniversaries and birthdays.

Set up animations Animate objects such as images to add interest to the presentation Use a template Print and export As with Word and Excel, PowerPoint has a large collection of Share your presentations with other people templates into which you can drop your text, images and videos. Enter a word or phrase into the search box or click one of the suggestions below it and the matching templates are displayed. Find one that most closely matches what you need and click it.

To see the various slides within a presentation, click the forward and back buttons below the thumbnail image of the slide Fig 2. When you ind a template you like, click the Create button. Format text Add slides When you start a new presentation, there may be just one slide or many and it depends on the template that is selected.

It is unlikely to be 1 Align text Select text and click the exact number or type that the left, centre or right align you need, so click New Slide on buttons in the ribbon.

There are several diferent layouts to choose from. To delete a slide, select it on the left and press the Delete key. Enter text Most slide shows contain text, even if it is only the title on the irst slide. There are several types of text and the simplest is the text box. Click and drag a rectangle on the page to create a text box to create vertical text. If you have opened a template, it will contain dummy text to show where the text boxes are located.

Click the text, such as the title, delete it and replace it with your own. You can add more text boxes to a slide and delete ones that are not needed. Text boxes have little squares in the corners and along the sides handles ; click and drag them to resize the text box. As the mouse 3 Set the font Set the font, size, passes over the edge of a text box, it becomes a cross-shaped arrow bold and so on in the Font and this means the text box can be clicked and dragged to move it section of the ribbon.

Click and drag the top-centre rounded arrow to rotate a text box to the desired angle 4 Use bullets Bullet lists are perfect for slide shows. Click the button and choose a style. This opens a panel on the right and there are three buttons near the top. The Text Fill options are most useful for large headings and it is possible to have text outlines that are transparent in the middle, a solid or gradient ill, and a picture or pattern ill.

Just click a pattern to ill the selected Fig 3 Apply a variety of effects to the text to make it stand out text, for example Fig 3. Rearrange slides Explore the interface Arrange objects Right-click objects Change the order of the When you need a new slide, Text, images, shapes Right-click everywhere. Expand the Shadow section and click the Presets button to select one of the ready-made shadow efects. All the efects can be combined, so you can ill a photo via the Animations tab.

Insert pictures A slide needs pictures to add interest and there are several sources for them. It is quite 2 Select effect Click the bottom likely that the image is too large for the slide, but it is easy to resize arrow on the right of the four them.

Click an image to select it and handles squares appear in the animations and select one. Click and drag a handle to make the image larger or smaller, and click and drag the middle of the image to position it on the slide.

You can easily search, select images and insert them into slides. Click speed in the ribbon and click choose the service to use.

Preview on the left. Alternatively, the new slide could push out the old one, fade to it through black and any one of a couple of dozen other efects. It is possible to use the same transition efect for the whole slide show or to have a diferent one for each slide. When assigning a transition, there is a Timing section in the ribbon and this enables the duration to be set. You can such as one per person. View the presentation So far we have looked at some of the diferent ways that slides can be created using text, images, animations and transitions.

When you have inished all the slides, go to the Slide Show tab of the ribbon to 3 Set the options There are many options, such as printing Preview the slides notes and the slides per sheet.

You can run through the slides and speech as standard or widescreen monitors and TVs many times as you need. There is a Record Slide Show button and this enables you to play through the slide show while you narrate it. There is more than one way to view a presentation and you could share it online or print it out on paper. Click File and then Print or Export to see the options. Insert a chart Pick a style Change the chart Enter the data A chart is created by selecting the Each type of chart can be If you decide that another type When a chart is inserted, this Insert tab and clicking Chart in the displayed in several different of chart would be better, click window is displayed to enable you Illustrations section styles.

It is Share with other users no longer an app, as such, and it is more intricately woven into the Send uploaded files to others to view and edit very fabric of the operating system, working behind the scenes to Edit in OneDrive keep your iles in sync. Basically, once you log into your Windows Edit photos, videos, documents and files within OneDrive account, OneDrive will be activated. You can also right-click on the icon to pin it to your Start screen for easy access Fig 1.

Once open, you can view all of the iles within your OneDrive, create new folders and copy stuf across by dragging it into the window. You will also notice that the Quick Access options in the top-left corner of the window can be tailored to place key tasks within easy reach.

One of which is the option to create a new OneDrive online apps folder for your OneDrive. When you click on this option a new folder will appear within your OneDrive window that you can re-name and then add iles to. To do of the OneDrive service. All content that is synced to your OneDrive account can be accessed anywhere either by installing the free OneDrive app on your smartphone or tablet device or by using any web browser to log on to www.

This means that OneDrive provides an efective means of working remotely from the oice because all of your synced iles are made accessible to you anywhere. And if you make changes to these iles and update them, 3 Pick a service You can now these changes are instantly synced so everything on your OneDrive choose an app from the is as up-to-date as it can be.

You can access your OneDrive anywhere by logging on to onedrive. For example, you and view the contents by type in the menu to the left and see exactly how much storage space you have remaining thanks to a heads-up in the lower-left corner.

Click on this and you will be able to create a new folder to sit within your OneDrive window and even create new Word documents, Excel workbooks, Powerpoint Fig 3 You can even create new Microsoft presentations and more oice-based options Fig 3. Once this option has been ticked you can access any of your iles remotely from another computer via the OneDrive website, which can prove a life-saver if you need to access 2 Find file Now locate the folder a particular ile urgently.

If the respective computer is turned on and connected to the internet then you will be able to access any of its folders and iles. You can also share iles and folders on your OneDrive with other people.

To discover how to do this, check out the tutorial to the right. Use it to organise your life across any Receive alerts device signed into your Microsoft account. Create recurring events Get notifications direct to your device lock screen and invite your email or People contacts to attend.

View multiple calendars Add and select the calendars you use Managing your life See national holidays With Outlook connected, view holiday and The Windows 10 Calendar app is an intuitive app that is packed full lunar calendars of features to help you stay organised in your busy working and Invite your colleagues Create events and invite direct from the app social lives.

The app is intrinsically linked to the Windows 10 Mail Set recurring events app and as such, you can efortlessly switch between the two apps Set your events to repeat automatically and add accounts so that all of the calendars associated with your various accounts are displayed in the same window Fig 2.

Creating events in the Calendar app is a quick and easy process. Once done you can send invites to the attendees and then monitor their interest through the app. Staying organised has never been easier. Invite guests Calendar views There are a variety of diferent views that you can use to display your calendar, which are accessible from the top of the screen.

Import external calendars You can import extra calendars into the Calendar app, including from Outlook. Follow the instructions to import your calendar.

To remove inviting, set a time and date for a calendar, click on the account in the account settings and choose your meeting. You can choose which calendar to show by selecting Options from Settings. All of your active accounts will be displayed in the menu to the left of the screen. Click on the arrow next to each account to reveal all of the calendars associated with that account. Calendar features a weather forecast for the next ive days.

Content is stored locally in the Record video Pictures folder and can be easily viewed and edited direct from the Use a compatible camera to capture video Camera app itself Fig 1. Share your content Let others see your images and video With a camera device installed, you should already see an image on the screen. To the right are two button icons: a video camera and stills camera Fig 2.

Continue to swipe to look through your images. Tips to try Create a video It is equally straightforward to capture video. Click the video camera icon to start recording — the elapsed time appears in the lower left corner.

A useful feature is the ability to take snapshots as a video is recording: to do this, simply tap the screen.



Download Windows 10 Pro ISO Free (bit & bit).Feature-Rich PDF Reader Pro for Windows 10/11丨PDF Reader Pro


Windows 10 N editions include the same functionality as Windows 10, except that these versions of Windows do not include Windows 10 pro features pdf free download Media Player, and related technologies. End-user customers can enable the media functionality to work properly by installing the Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows 10 KB This feature pack can be applied to computers running Windows 10 N editions.

Select your version of Windows from the dropdown list below. If your version does not appear in windows 10 pro features pdf free download list, please go to KB to find the appropriate Media Feature Pack for your version of Windows. Validating your request. This may take several minutes. Do not refresh the page or select back, doing so will cancel the request. Media Feature Pack for N versions of Windows qindows Details Windows 10 N editions include the same functionality as Windows 10, except that these versions of Windows do not include Windows Media Player, and related technologies.

Select the appropriate version of Windows 10 N from the drop down list below. Do one of the following: To iwndows the installation immediately, click Run. To save the download to your computer for installation at a later time, click Save.

To cancel the installation, click Cancel. Downloads Select your version of Windows from the dropdown list below. Select an edition from the drop down подробнее на этой странице. Confirm Privacy.